Three Tornadoes Hit Southeast Texas This Week

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According to National Weather Service Lake Charles, the tornado that hit Orange County was one of three that went through Southeast Texas on Tuesday.

Meteorologist Chanelle Stigger noted that all the tornadoes were from a line of thunderstorms that moved through. She added,  “However, it wasn’t, more than likely, the same one that picked up and touched down. More than likely, what we’re looking at is three separate tornadoes. We won’t be able to actually determine that until the storm survey is completed.”

One of the tornadoes started in Liberty County and moved into Jefferson County between Nome and China, according to National Weather Service Hydrologist Jonathan Brazzell.

The second tornado started in Big Hill and moved northeast through Taylor Landing, and headed just north between Taylor and Hillebrandt bayous.

The last tornado started just north of Bessie Heights and then crossed Orangefield into the Weiss Bluff before moving over the Sabine River into Starks and Vinton, Louisiana.

“Right now, our best guess in Southeast Texas is we had three (tornadoes),” Brazzell said. “That’s not to say there couldn’t have been more.”

Brazzell said the three tornadoes were identified using the storm radar and debris patterns. However, storm damage teams may be able to detect more when out in the field looking at the damage.

In addition, Brazzell said the National Weather Service reported generally 1 to 2 inches of rain in Orange County.

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