Lutcher Theater To Host LifeShare Blood Drive

Lutcher Theater To Host LifeShare Blood Drive

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Lutcher Theater will host a LifeShare blood drive on Wednesday, February 17, 2021, from 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. to help replenish the critically low supply of blood in Southeast Texas. The LifeShare Bus will be on location in the Lutcher Theater parking lot to collect donations. Donors will receive a “Bee Kind – Give Blood” promotional t-shirt, while supplies last.

According to LifeShare, “Someone will need blood every two seconds and just one donation can save up to three lives.” Blood supply shortages negatively affect surgical patients, cancer & chemotherapy patients, treatment of burn, trauma & transplant patients.

LifeShare Blood Center is the SETX nonprofit area/regional blood bank. Blood is donated at the Donation Center in Beaumont, as well as through mobile blood drives at schools, churches, businesses, etc. Even with all of the advances in modern medicine, there is no manufactured substitute for human blood. It must be provided by volunteer blood donors in the community.

“The donation process only takes up to 15 minutes. Donating blood is safe and simple. You cannot get any infectious disease by donating blood. When you donate, a sterile, single-use kit is used to collect your blood. All materials are used once and then discarded. Most people feel a slight pinch with the needle stick & then feel little to no discomfort after that”, assures Alison Smith with LifeShare. Potential donors need to bring photo identification and be able to list current medications. Most medications do not interfere with donating blood. On the day of the drive, it is essential to eat a diet high in iron and increase fluid intake to help ensure the process goes smoothly. Donors may resume regular activity after giving.

For more information about donating blood visit

The blood drive is hosted as part of Lutcher Theater’s Project EnterMISSION, a four-part initiative that offers the following invitations to the community:

Stand – Stand strong and stretch with us as we offer a different approach to programming during this time.
Refresh – Savor our social media and subscribe to our YouTube channel for a series of fun and compelling Lutcher Theater stories and behind-the-scenes episodes.
Connect – Join us as we help those in need with community service projects.
Learn – Engage in arts-integrated educational activities designed for your students and the entire family to enjoy.


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