Lamar State College Orange Announces Significant Enrollment Growth

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Lamar State College-Orange (LSCO) announced today that its Fall enrollment of 2,629 students is the highest since 2012. This represents an 11.7% increase in enrollment from last Fall.

Enrollment at LSCO has grown by creating new academic and vocational programs as well as expanding to 8-Week Terms. Additionally, more dual credit students in area high schools are now being served by the college.

“We are seeing that when students are given opportunities to thrive, they are taking them here at Lamar State College-Orange. More and more people in Orange and Southeast Texas are seeing the benefits of creating a bright Orange future. The increased enrollment we’re seeing is a testament to the incredible work our faculty and staff are doing to meet students where they are and to offer innovative and state-of-the-art educational instruction,” said LSCO President Dr. Tom Johnson.

“Our increased enrollment is undoubtedly a result of our faculty and staff working to ensure that LSCO students are prepared for the needs of our local industry. LSCO takes great aims to cultivate constructive conversations and partnerships with our local industries, ensuring that our students are ready-to-work upon graduation and are adding value in the workplace with the credentials and degrees that they are earning here at LSCO,” said LSCO Provost and Executive Vice President Wendy Elmore.

Spring classes at LSCO begin on January 17, 2023.

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