Lamar State College Orange Launches State-of-the-Art Training Facility

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Lamar State College Orange (LSCO) has taken a significant stride in bolstering job readiness skills for its processing technology students with the inauguration of a cutting-edge Hands-on-Training (H.O.T.) Unit.

The unveiling ceremony on Wednesday, May 1, 2024, marked a pivotal moment for LSCO as it showcased a facility designed to equip students with practical experience, ensuring they are prepared for the workforce upon graduation.

College President Thomas Johnson emphasized the initiative’s local impact, highlighting its alignment with Chevron Phillips Chemicals’ “Local First” ethos. This sentiment resonates particularly with the collaboration between Chevron Phillips Chemicals and Qatar Energy to establish Golden Triangles Polymers, a venture currently underway in Orange.

Golden Triangle Polymers generously donated $1.3 million to make the acquisition of the Polaris EPC-built unit and the Scallon Controls system, essential components of the H.O.T. Unit, possible. Johnson underscored the significance of this investment, stating, “Today is not just about a ribbon cutting; it’s about empowering our students, shaping the next generation of professionals, and making a bright Orange future.”

Spanning 24-feet in length, 35-feet in height, and 11-feet in width, the facility represents a substantial commitment to the future of both students and industries served by LSCO.

Moreover, the impact extends beyond LSCO’s campus. Students across the Lamar schools system studying processing will have access to the facility, fostering collaboration and shared resources among educational institutions.

Dean of Health, Workforce, and Technical Programs at Lamar Orange, Kristin Walker, emphasized the collaborative nature of the initiative, highlighting plans for joint training programs with other Lamar campuses.

The realization of the H.O.T. Unit in Orange owes much to the dedication of Cheryl January, Industrial Systems Program Director. January’s resourcefulness and determination culminated in a successful fundraising effort, which caught the attention of then-CP Chem President and CEO Bruce Chinn. A partnership between the company and Lamar Orange was swiftly formed, leading to the substantial contribution for the H.O.T. Unit.

The significance of this addition to the training program was underscored by Chevron Phillips Chemicals’ current President and CEO, Steve Prusak, who emphasized the critical need for skilled workers in local plants and the importance of retaining talent within the community.

The inauguration of the H.O.T. Unit at Lamar State College Orange signifies a collaborative effort dedicated to preparing students for success in the workforce and contributing to the economic vitality of the community.

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