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City of Orange Awarded Disaster Recovery Funds

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The City of Orange has been awarded Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery Funds to assist property owners affected by Hurricane Harvey.

The City encourages residents whose homes are located in floodplains, floodways, and Disaster Risk Reduction Areas to relocate to safer, more resilient housing in less flood-prone areas through participation in its Local Acquisition Program.

Property owners interested in participating in the program will need to complete an application and provide the required documentation on or before October 15, 2021.

Participation in the program is voluntary.   Per the City’s program guidelines, eligible applicants will receive an offer representing Fair Market Value as determined by a licensed appraiser.  Some homeowners may be eligible for additional incentives, such as relocation assistance and/or down payment assistance to assist in the purchase of a new home.

Download the Intake Beneficiary Application or request a copy by contacting the grant administrator for the project, Traylor & Associates, toll-free at (855) 299-9267 or by email at recovery@grtraylor.com.

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