Workforce Solutions Seeking Mentors for Local Youth

in Business

Workforce Solutions Southeast Texas is committed to providing the next generation with a chance to acquire valuable knowledge and skills that will be essential for their future career. The organization has launched the Summer Earn and Learn (S.E.A.L) program to achieve this goal.

This program is designed explicitly for young adults aged between 16-24 interested in career-based positions such as Dr. Office Receptionist, Customer Service Rep, Police Dispatcher, Legal Aide Assistant, etc. This program offers participants an opportunity to gain practical experience relevant to their career aspirations and learn about the employers’ expectations related to soft skills such as reliability, appropriate dress, problem-solving, professionalism, teamwork, quality customer service, and communication skills.

The SEAL program is scheduled to take place from approximately the first week of June 2024 to mid-July 2024. Registration is now available. Complete the form online here to move forward.

Registration deadline is April 30, 2024. There’s no cost to participate.

For more info, call their Business Liaison at 1-877-834-5627.


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