West Orange Animal Shelter Participates in Betty White Challenge

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What a tribute it would be on Betty Whites’s 100th birthday, (January 17, 2022) if animal shelters/rescues around the world received donations like never before!

Betty spent 40 plus years as an advocate for all animals, it was truly a passion and mission of hers to help as many as she could.

If you would like to donate to the West Orange Animal Shelter, it would be appreciated and an honor to receive your donation on her 100th birthday.

These are the 2 vets used at their shelter:
Send , stop by or Call to:
North Orange Vet Clinic
3739 N 16th St. ORANGE, Tx 77632
Under the name Debbie H Schlicher (volunteer for the W.O. animal shelter)

Bridge City Animal Hospital
2832 Texas Ave.
Bridge City Texas 77611
Under the name of Debbie H Schlicher(volunteer for the W.O. animal shelter)

There are many other shelters in our area to send donations as well. You can view all the other participants here on Facebook.

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