Spring Forward on Sunday

in Local Roundup

This is the bi-annual time change weekend and time to”spring forward” as we move our clocks ahead one hour as daylight saving time goes into effect on Sunday.

Before you go to bed on Saturday night, be sure to move your clocks forward one hour.

Daylight saving time was first used in Germany in 1916 during World War I as an energy-saving measure, meaning that there would be daylight stretching forward one hour in the evenings. However, it was repealed the very next year in 1917.

In 1918, the United States first implemented daylight saving time for the same reason, but just like Germany, the U.S. discontinued its use the next year.

In 1942 during World War II, the United States again used daylight saving time and it has been in use ever since. Recently, there have been efforts in several states – including Texas – to permanently stay on standard time.

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