SETX Still Watching Hurricane Delta

SETX Still Watching Hurricane Delta

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According to KFDM Meteorologist Greg Bostwick, Delta is along the north coast of the Yucatan Peninsula and will be moving offshore into the Gulf shortly. The highest winds are 90-100 mph as it has weakened further as it moved across land overnight.

Some strengthening will be possible later today and Thursday as it moves across the warm waters of the southern Gulf. Beginning Thursday night, Delta will be moving into an area of increasing wind shear and cooler water temperatures which should induce weakening. It remains likely that Delta will make landfall as a CAT2 or CAT1 hurricane.

The timing of the turn to the north remains critical Thursday on how close it comes to Southeast Texas Friday evening. A good point to watch is if Delta moves as far as 95 West longitude before it makes the turn. If Delta stays east of 95 West that will greatly reduce a direct hit. Based on current and projected conditions, landfall east of Cameron around the Grand Chenier/Pecan Island area late Friday afternoon is the most likely outcome.

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