Salvation Army Prints First Angels of the Season

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The Salvation Army of Orange, TX, is ready to make a difference this Christmas season in the lives of young people. An Angel represents a child in need of Christmas assistance. Each Head of household registered in October and shared their child’s needs and wishes for Christmas. The children are referred to as Angels.

You can make a difference by selecting an Angel and shopping for at least 3 items per child. Two toys + one outfit = complete gift. Your company can sponsor and adopt Angels for employees to fulfill. It’s great fun and a perfect way to give back to the community.

The Salvation Army needs your support to make this Christmas a reality for over 400 Angels. If you want to Adopt Angels(up to 12 years of age), please call  The Salvation Army at (409) 291-8400. Or, you can stop by our location and speak to the Angel Tree Director, Captain Tiffany or email her at

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