Royal Selected TASC High School Advisor of the Year and TASC Nominee for the National Advisor of the Year

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Cheryl Royal, the student council advisor at Bridge City High School, recently had a big weekend when she was named the Texas Association of Student Councils (TASC) High School Advisor of the Year. Cheryl Royal has also been named by TASC the as the 2022-2023 nominee for the Warren Shull High School National Advisor of the Year.
Royal has guided her council to numerous Outstanding Student Council and Sweepstakes Awards. Her council has served in officer roles, including president of TASC District 17, and she currently serves as the Coordinator of TASC District 17. In addition, she is a TASC Board of Directors member and currently co-leads our TASSP/TASC Student Leadership Curriculum Academy.
She has been a student council advisor for fifteen years and an educator for over twenty years. She says, “It is my belief that the students should be the ones to drive the organization in developing positive culture and climate on our campuses across our state.”
Grant Hale, who served as the TASC District 17 student president and the president at Bridge City High School, said, “She saw potential in me that I definitely did not see in myself. She made me realize that someone believed in me and that I could do great things with my life…(and) always believes in me…I would in no way whatsoever be the man I am today without her guidance and support. I’m certain that she will continue to change the lives of every student that walks through (our school) for years to come.”
TASC is the largest student council organization in the United States. Cheryl Royal represents those council advisors and students across the state who give their time and knowledge to ensure student success, improve their communities, and make their schools a place where students and staff want to be.

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