Repaving Contract to Be Awarded After Vote

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According to KOGT Radio, on Tuesday, the Orange City Council will vote to award a $1.3 million contract to LD Construction in Beaumont for repaving work on twelve streets north of Interstate 10 and several to the south of Interstate 10. The money is coming from the $8 million bonds the council agreed to issue last year.

The City Council listed the streets to be repaired as follows:

27th Street from Interstate 10 to Eddleman Road

Beagle Road from the dead-end to FM 1130

Bob Hall Road from interstate 10 to Allie Payne Road

Clark Circle east and west

Clark Lane from Highway 87 to Meeks Drive

Eddleman Road from Meeks Drive to 27th Street

Enner Road from Interstate 10 to Bob Hall Road

Holcomb Drive from 27th Street to the dead-end

Luther Drive from Meeks Drive to Carrie Street

Meeks Drive from Allie Payne Road to MLK Jr. Drive

Sikes Road east end

Sikes Road west end from MLK Jr. Drive to the east end

These repairs are long overdue, given the nature of the weather we experience here in Southeast Texas. I have heard from a number of residents who are concerned about the condition of the streets in their neighborhood and want to know how to get their streets on the repaving list.  If you want to lodge a complaint about the condition of your street, please contact your City Councilor. A complete list is found here.


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