Orange County Sheriff’s Department Aids Hurricane Ida Victims

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The Orange County Sheriff’s Office was busy last week with efforts to assist the areas in southern Louisiana affected most by Hurricane Ida. Sheriff Mooney has sent two teams to assist in disaster recovery efforts.

The first team consisted of Captain Jacobs with the Orange County Sheriff’s Drone Unit, members of the Orange County Sheriff’s Narcotics Unit, and Jasper County Precinct #6 Constable Joe Sterling. That team assisted the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office located in Houma, which is in South Louisiana. Terrebonne Parish is the fifth largest Parish in Louisiana. One major accomplishment of the team was to assess the levee systems to ensure there was no damage or breach. In addition, they searched the impacted communities and patrolled from the air with drones to ensure looting was not occurring. The drones allowed areas to be searched in hours which would have taken deputies on foot days to survey. Their drone team was completely self-sufficient while helping the Sheriff’s Office and community of Terrebonne Parrish.

The second convoy consisted of donations from the Orange County community to help with disaster relief. Sheriff Mooney, Sgt. Darrin Mooney, Deputy Ken Bost, Capt. Chris Frederick, Capt. Joey and Jaime Jacobs and Lt. Chad Scales with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and Leon George with the Orange County Emergency Management carried supplies donated from the citizens of Orange County to Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office in Louisiana.

The donations provided by Orange County residents helped restore hope in areas devastated by the hurricane.

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