Orange County Secures $44k to Boost Local Emergency Services

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In a significant development for local welfare, Orange County has been selected to receive a federal grant amounting to $44,860, aimed at enhancing the region’s emergency food and shelter provisions. This allocation comes courtesy of the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), under the Emergency Food and Shelter National Board Program, marking a critical boost for the county’s efforts to support those in need.

The grant was awarded following a decision by a National Board, chaired by FEMA and comprising members from prestigious organizations including the American Red Cross, Catholic Charities USA, the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA, The Jewish Federations of North America, The Salvation Army, and United Way Worldwide. This board is tasked with overseeing the distribution of Congress-appropriated funds to enhance the capabilities of food and shelter programs across high-need areas in the United States.

The responsibility of allocating the received funds within Orange County falls to a local board, which will determine how to best distribute these resources among various emergency service programs operated by local agencies. This board is also charged with recommending which agencies should receive funding, ensuring that the aid reaches those who can most effectively utilize it to serve the community.

Agencies eligible for these grants must meet several criteria, including being private voluntary nonprofits or governmental units, having the ability to receive federal funds, possessing an accounting system, practicing nondiscrimination, demonstrating capability in delivering emergency food or shelter programs, and, if a private organization, having a volunteer board.

Interested public or private voluntary agencies are encouraged to step forward and apply for a share of the Emergency Food and Shelter Program funds. The United Way of Orange County is coordinating the application process, with a deadline set for March 21, 2024. Applications and further inquiries can be directed to Maureen McAllister, CEO of United Way of Orange County, through their office at 1506 W. Park Avenue, Orange, TX, or via contact details provided.

This federal funding is a beacon of hope for Orange County, promising to strengthen the local infrastructure for emergency food and shelter services and thereby offering a lifeline to those in the community who find themselves in dire straits.

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