Orange City Hall to Be Transformed into Museum

in Government

According to a story in the Beaumont Enterprise, the Orange city council voted unanimously last week to work with the LaBiche Architectural Group in Beaumont to convert the former site of city hall, located at 803 Green Ave., into a museum for items from Orange’s past.

The $500,000 renovation will include an ADA-accessible handicap ramp outside, tile flooring, a handicap bathroom on the first floor, partial demolition of the first floor, the erection of walls to partition off five galleries, electrical rewiring, removing two trees in the front yard, and painting the exterior of the building.

The second floor will not be renovated. Originally, the project was estimated to cost $1.3 million, which included second-floor work such as the removal and reinstallment of new windows and doors. However, to cut costs, the project was confined to the first floor.

A contract to do the work has been drafted and sent to the city and will probably be a topic of discussion at the next city council meeting.

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