LSCO to Return to “Normal” Schedule in Fall

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President, Dr. Thomas Johnson, announced that LSCO will return to its normal campus life and schedule this upcoming Fall semester. The Fall schedule will closely resemble Fall 2019 in regard to face-to-face offerings and enrollment capacities.

“The past fourteen months have been challenging for all of us. But members of our Gator community have proven time and time again how resilient they are. Their diligence in upholding our health and safety measures during this time has allowed us to reach a point where we can look forward to a pre-pandemic `normal’ this Fall semester,” said Johnson.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott rescinded the mask mandate for state institutions on May 18, 2021. If individuals wish to continue wearing masks on campus, though, they are welcome to do so.

Also this past week, LSCO announced another COVID-19 vaccine clinic on June 14th that will welcome students for the first time. Staff, faculty, and family members of LSCO students and employees who have not received the vaccine are also eligible to sign up for the clinic. Visit this link to register for the clinic.

“We look forward to a vibrant campus this Fall, full of Gators making their future a bright shade of Orange,” said Johnson.

The Fall semester begins on August 23. Registration is ongoing for Summer and Fall classes. Students are encouraged to apply now to take advantage of LSCO’s Buy One, Get One Class FREE (up to two free classes in the fall) opportunity. Go to to learn more.

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