Bullfish Offers Children Opportunity to Display Artwork

in Business

The newly-opened Bullfish restaurant, located at the former Burgertown building at 6223 W Round Bunch Rd. in Orangefield, is offering school-aged children 5-18 years of age the opportunity to display artwork at their restaurant.

If your child loves art and would like to have their artwork displayed at Bullfish, children are asked to paint or decorate a canvas with different fun materials. Bullfish plans to rotate them in and out of their display, and the brighter and funnier, the better.

The rules for submission are that the artwork is family-friendly and composed on a canvas.

For the initial submission, the restaurant has announced that the theme is about what the child thinks of when they hear that they get to go to Bullfish with their friends and family.

Once the artwork is created, it can be dropped off at the restaurant.

For more info, contact the restaurant at (409) 356-4640 or check out their Facebook page.

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