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Orange County Landfill

Orange County Landfill Changes Announced

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First Case of COVID-19 Reported in Orange County

Starting March 3, 2020, the Orange County landfill will return to normal operations with a few changes.

1. No longer will you need a punch card (all existing punch cards will be good until the end of Dec 2020).
2. No longer will you need a county sticker on your front windshield. Your registration on your vehicle says Orange. If you come in a different vehicle your driver’s license showing your home address will work.
3. The landfill will be accepting cash. No longer will anyone be turned around for not having a card or sticker as long as you have cash and a valid DL with your home address being in Orange County.

In the images below, you can note the days of operation, prices and what items are accepted. Appliances are accepted but must have Freon removed.

The landfill will remain free of charge through March 2, 2020. It is open Monday – Saturday.

Recycling Ends at County Landfill

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Recycling Ends at County Landfill

According to KOGT Radio, County Road and Bridge Engineer Clark Slacum confirmed that recycling at the Orange County Landfill will stop at the end of the month. Recycling is a very large part of many communities, and it is unfortunate that we cannot seem to support it here in Southeast Texas. The reason that is always given is that the sales price of the recycled items is too low to make the recycling program viable.

Adding more garbage to the waste stream is bad news for the planet. If other states have created successful recycling programs,  shouldn’t Southeast Texas be able to do the same?



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