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Circle K Kiddie Ranch is Still Open for Business

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We erroneously reported in our post about COVID-19 closures that Circle K Kiddie Ranch was closed until April 3. They are, in fact, still open and operating. This was a mistake on our part, and for that, we sincerely apologize to the owner Carol Daigle and Director Jana Daigle and the Circle K Kiddie Ranch parents for any additional stress we caused you.

Here is their current status:

We appreciate our families being so patient and kind while making the documentation and notes required by the health department.

We understand that school districts are making some really hard decisions during this time. LCM will now be closed until April 3, 2020. After school parents please be aware that if your child is here all day your rates will go up. IF CCCS does not pay the difference you will be responsible for making that payment. Our cut off time to enter the facility is 9 AM.

We too are on a HUGE learning curve as is most other childcare facilities. Please be patient and understand so that we can help you keep your babies safe. Wash your hands, use hand sanitizer, and love your babies.

Grand Opening Held for Circle K Kiddie Ranch

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Grand Opening Held for Circle K Kiddie Ranch

The Greater Orange Area Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon-cutting ceremony and open house for Circle K Kiddie Ranch located at 16944 Highway 62 S in Orange.

Owner Carol Daigle and Director Jana Daigle report that they started this business back in 2000, but after Hurricane Harvey they had to completely rebuild. Circle K is proud of their facility where Lakeshore has donated the furniture for each room to make their center beautiful. During the open house, they gave tours of the facility and shared how they run their center every day.

Circle K is a Texas School Ready Participant where their program prepares children for Kindergarten. They also have a 4-Star Quality Rated Program awarded by Texas Rising Star and hold that as the only facility in Orange County. The staff at Circle K are all certified to meet state requirements, but they also go above and beyond and attend trainings on a frequent basis to make sure that the children at the center are receiving the best care and are learning to meet their full potential. The transportation staff service over five of the area schools to pick up children after school and get homework completed so that when they get home they can play and enjoy family time.

. For more information about this facility call (409) 745-5555. You can also visit them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pg/CircleKKiddieRanch.

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