STAN To Conduct Emergency Broadcast Testing on July 26

in Government

The Southeast Texas Alerting Network (STAN) will conduct a test of the emergency alerting system on Tuesday, July 26th (Hardin County (9:00 am), Jasper County (11:00 am), & Orange County(1:00 pm)), Wednesday, July 27th (Jefferson County (9:00 am) & Beaumont (1:00 pm)), and Thursday, July 28th (Port Arthur (9:00 am) & Mid-County (1:00 pm)).

The system is vital to keep you informed in the event of any emergency situation such as a hurricane, or natural or man-made incident causing a significant disruption to your daily activities. This test will include phone calls, emails, and text messages.

People who live or work in the Southeast Texas region are highly encouraged to register their cell phones by visiting their website. Signing up for this emergency alerting notification system will allow counties and cities within Southeast Texas to send notifications to registered phone number(s) in the event of an emergency or any other disruption that would interfere with daily routine.

If you are already registered, it is recommended that you sign in annually to update your account information. It is preferable to register online; however, you can also register by calling 1-844-578-STAN (1-844-578-7826).


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