Southeast Texas to Receive $72.4 M For Drainage Improvement

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Southeast Texas is set to receive a substantial financial boost for infrastructure improvements, with over $70 million earmarked for enhancing drainage systems. This allocation is part of a larger package totaling $122,100,689 in regional mitigation funds, as announced by the Texas General Land Office. Under the guidance of Texas Land Commissioner Dawn Buckingham, the funds aim to significantly upgrade streets, drainage, and sewer systems across ten counties in the state.

In a major move towards bolstering local infrastructure, Jefferson and Orange Counties are slated to receive nearly $72.4 million. This generous funding will support a variety of critical projects designed to mitigate flooding and improve water management.

A significant portion of this investment, $31,091,100 million, will be directed towards the Orange County Drainage District. This funding will facilitate the construction of a detention pond at Tiger Creek, targeting the enhancement of drainage capabilities in the area’s northern reaches. The comprehensive project plan includes the creation of a detention pond, embankment excavation, site grading, and clearing, laying the groundwork for substantial improvements in local water management and flood prevention.

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