Scratch Kitchen Opens in Bridge City

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Scratch Kitchen, located at 1575 Texas Avenue in Bridge City, next to the old Bridge City Cleaners, has held its soft opening. During the soft opening, it will offer limited breakfast items from 5 AM to 11 AM seven days a week.

The restaurant offers southern-style breakfast, brunch, and lunch and has a full catering menu. During its soft opening, it will work to add more items to its breakfast menu and open for lunch.

When they open, they will be offering our “Pay It Forward” Meal Wall. Their philosophy is, “Everyone deserves a meal, whether they can afford it or not. Please consider donating a meal to someone in need. Let’s get back to taking care of one another and lending a hand.” Please message them through Facebook about donating a meal

The limited breakfast menu is below.

For more info, visit their Facebook page.


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