Playing at the ORC Announces New Indoor Playground in Vidor

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Vidor will have an indoor playground opening its doors soon. Playing at the ORC will be taking over the Delta Life Fitness building.

Playing at the ORC will be specifically designed for kids 1-12 yrs old and 150lbs and under. It will focus on parkour and ninja-style activities to challenge and encourage kids to move and be active. Playing at the ORC will be an outlet for kids who don’t find a place in traditional sports or physical activity.

Plans also include a cafe area, where they will serve prepackaged food, soda, coffee, and tea. If the landlord approves, they plan to put a window/bar where parents can stay in the cafe area but still keep an eye on their kids. A TV will be set up in the corner so parents have to miss the game, and there will be card and board games.

For more info, check out their Facebook page.

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