Orange County Master Gardeners to Hold Master Gardener Certification Class

Orange County Master Gardener Classes Begin on August 24

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The Orange County Master Gardener training classes will begin August 24, 2023, from 6-8:30 pm at the Expo Center at 11475 FM1442 in  Orange.

The requirements for the certification are 50 hours of education and 50 hours of volunteer time. The classes with speakers and programs about gardening count for 50 hours of education.

The volunteer time can be done by working at the Master Gardener greenhouse, working at the yearly plant sale, and other AgriLife programs throughout the year.

The cost of the class is $150, which includes a book, background check, and speaker fees.

You can sign up at the AgriLife office at the Expo Center and get an application and pay the fee.

For more info, call 409-882-7010.

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