New Honey Mead Company Open for Tasting Appointments

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Hammered Honey Farms and Mead is now officially open and taking appointments for tastings. They are located at 2801 Linscomb Road in Orange.

“Officially” founded in March of 2019 by Kevin and Jenni Bryant, Hammered Honey Farms and Mead is a small veteran owned, family-run meadery specializing in quality honey wines. It is born from the passion of crafted batch meads, with the love, care, and expertise of an unmatched product.

They only use the best natural and unprocessed local honey, fruits, spices, yeast, and water to create a decadent product. They support local as much as they can and source as much of our ingredients as possible from our immediate surrounding area.

Mead is the oldest known, and recorded, fermented beverage product in history, dating all the way back to the 7th Millennium BCE. Romanticized by the Chinese, the Greeks, the Vikings, and several other groups throughout history as “the nectar of the Gods,” mead is, in its most basic form, the combination of honey, water, and yeast. By adding fruits, spices, grains, and other natural flavor enhancers, the possibilities of flavor profiles are endless. Unlike wine, mead is directly flavored by these natural enhancers and sweetened without the addition of sugar, only using honey for natural sweetness…as nature intended.

Beginning January 12, 2023, they will have bookings during the following times every week :

  • Thursday and Friday starting at 6:30 PM
  • Saturday starting at 11 AM
  • Sunday, starting at Noon

Their “Fairing Flight” tasting is 4 flavors for $ 15 per person and their “Longship” tasting is 6 flavors for $20 per person. They can accommodate couples but prefer small groups to be between 4-6 and larger groups between 9-13.

Call, text, or message them at 409-313-2001 (leave a message if there is no answer) to book your tastings.

They also offer bottle sales and pours by the glass/horn, which are separately priced from the tasting fights, as well as merchandise.

For more info, visit their Facebook page or their website.


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