How Did Your Restaurant Rate? Restaurant Report Card for July 16-31, 2019

May and June 2020 Restaurant Inspection Reports

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James Scales, Deputy Director of the Orange County Environmental Health and Code Compliance, has resumed restaurant health inspections.

Here are the scores for May and June of 2020:

Perfect Scores

  • Kidz World Learning Center, 1875 Miller Drive, Bridge City, 100
  • New Begininz Academy, 3807 Meeks Drive, Orange, 100
  • Little Flock Daycare, 8257 Highway 87 North, Little Cypress, 100
  • Little Cypress Learning, 3274 Little Cypress Drive, Little Cypress 100
  • Little Pirate Learning Center, 240 South Main St., #4, Vidor, 100
  • Building Blocks Academy, 467 Moore Drive, Vidor, 100
  • Orange County Preschool, 2660 Roosevelt Street, Vidor, 100
  • Brighter beginnings Child, 20144 FM 1130, Mauriceville, 100
  • Panthers Den Preschool, 5970 White Oak Road, Mauriceville, 100
  • Early Learning Child Care, 2395 Highway 12, Vidor, 100
  • Bright Beginnings Learning, 1023 Church Street, Vidor, 100
  • Bright Horizon Learning Center, 5830 North Main Street, Vidor, 100

Pre-Opening Inspections/Location Change

All were deemed ok to operate.

  • The Ice Cream Shack, Mobile unit, Orange County
  • Sno Biz Mauriceville, 6867 FM 1136, #2, Mauriceville
  • Jimmy Nicks BBQ, 105 Sargent Street, Vidor
  • A R & Sons Tamales, 123 Katherine Street, West Orange
  • Tacos Baja, Mobile unit, Vidor
  • Anchor Education Center, 1301 West Park Avenue, Orange
  • Starbucks Coffee #59965, 3126 16th Street, Orange
  • El Autentico Taco, 2110 Texas Avenue, Bridge City, location change
  • Contreras Catering, 1195 Texas Avenue, Bridge City, opening inspection inside Rustic Saloon in Bridge City


  • Walmart Grocery #777, 3115 Edgar Brown Dr, Orange, no grade: Received a complaint that entire store had no hot water. Found no hot water inside restrooms, deli department and bakery. Closed bakery, deli and produce departments until hot water was repaired. Closed departments on May 20, 2020 at 4:45 pm and hot water was repaired and all departments were allowed to reopen on May 21, 2020 at 5:38 pm
  • Orange Community Action, 103 5th St., Orange, 99: Several gnats found at broken dishwasher. This is the inspection for Meals on Wheels program.
  • Write the Vision Learning, 3300 Western Avenue, Orange, 99: Several dead roaches found under dish sink.
  • Peggy’s Place, 2682 East Roundbunch Road, Orange, 98: Outside of equipment, storage shelves and floors around fryers need to be cleaned of old foods/grease.
  • Lighthouse Academy, 19400 Highway 62, Orange, 96: Chemicals stored above cooler. Vents at the vent-a-hood need to be cleaned of mold.
  • Exxpress Mart #21. 20871 Highway 62 South, Orange, 95: Corrective memo: pulled several expired foods from shelves. Drinks stored on the floor inside the walk-in cooler. Current food service permit, certified food manager certificates and current health inspection report not posted in front of the establishment.
  • KFC #521029, 2207 MacArthur Drive, Orange, 87: Found coleslaw out of proper temperatures-management discarded. No food handler certificates. Heavy ice buildup found in reach-in freezer and walk-in freezer motors-need to repair. Air conditioner out & mold growing on air vents. Immediate repairs need to be made and effecting food product temperatures. Defrosting chicken on prep table. Floors, walls, equipment throughout need to be cleaned of old foods/grease. Boxes found on ground near dumpster-old grease found & running into the storm drain.
  • Taco Bell #036710, 7245 Interstate 10 East, Orange, 97: Front cooling unit and walk-in freezer has lots of ice buildup-need to repair. Vents at vent-a-hood and air vent above prep line needs to be cleaned of dust/ grease.

Bridge City

  • Hamburger Depot, 2395 Texas Avenue, Bridge City, 95: Pipes under compartment sink has a steady drip at bottom and water is standing on the floor-need immediate repairs. Hair restraints needed. Defrosting fish in bucket of water inside prep sink. Need to reseal bottom of back door.
  • Fat Boys BBQ, 2227 Texas Avenue, Bridge City, 93: Employee using bare hand contact with ready to eat foods. Paper towels needed at the handwashing station. Hair restraints needed. All storage needs to be 6- inches off the floor.
  • America Donuts, 2105 Texas Avenue, Bridge City, 90: Found sausage and boudin out of proper temperatures. No record of time found on holding sausage and boudin out at room temperatures. Ice scoop laying on top of ice inside machine. Using same pan liner multiple times to bake kolaches.
  • Brewitas, 2875 Texas Avenue, Suite B, Bridge City, 89: More handwashing needed-employees using personal cell phones and not properly washing hands before preparing foods. Paper towels needed at the handwashing station. Dirty mop being stored inside compartment sink used to clean dishes. Hair restraints needed. Storing paper goods on the floor. Storage shelves and equipment need to be c leaned of old Foods. Current health inspection report and certified food manager certificates not posted in front of establishment.
  • Sammy’s Taqueria , 2122 Texas Avenue, Bridge City, 84: Cooling foods improperly (cooked meats). Found raw beef, shelled eggs and Spanish rice out of proper temperatures. Dates needed on all foods inside coolers and freezers. Dish soap stored on top of raw onions. Soap and paper towels are needed at the handwashing station. Need to remove/discard all equipment that is currently being stored outside the backdoor. No certified food manager certificate found or posted.


  • Texas Country Store #10, 9508 Highway 12, Mauriceville, 81: Found beef/cut vegetables out of proper temperatures. Pulled lots of 2019 expired foods from shelves. Ice scoop laying inside ice machine. Store name and address is needed on all bags of ice sold from store. Front cooler broken and not keeping the proper temperatures-need immediate repairs. Lots of flies/gnats were found. Drinks being stored on the floor in storage room/walk-in cooler. Storage room needs to be cleaned & organized. Both restrooms cleaned & sanitized. Lots of cleaning required


  • Loving Start Daycare, 2335 Highway 12, Vidor, 99: Boxes of foods being stored on the floor.
  • Bayou Café, 995 North Main Street, Vidor, 91: Found cooked shrimp out of proper temperatures. Dates needed on all product inside coolers/freezers. Handwashing station broken and plumbing taken apart- need immediate repairs. Wiping cloths being stored on cutting boards – need to be stored inside sanitize bucket. Current food service permit, certified food manager certificates and current health inspection report not posted in front of the establishment.
  • The Donut Palace, 190 West Freeway, Vidor, 85: Found boudin/sausage out of proper temperatures. No record of time found on holding boudin/sausage out at room temperatures. Not sanitizing dishes at the compartment sink used to clean dishes. Dates needed on all product inside cooler. Several racks being stored in front of the handwashing station. Using same pan liner multiple times to bake kolaches. Floors and walls throughout need to be cleaned of old foods. Found several spots where roof leaks when it rains-needs immediate repairs.
  • Jingo Cajun Eatery, 425 North Main Street, Vidor, 73: Multiple violations

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