Pictured, left to right: FAME Founding Members: Sean McFarland, ISS/Buna Electric Motor Service; Robert Lovelace, Dow Sabine River Operations; Mike Culbertson, International Paper; Carrie Phillips, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company; Dereck Cloeren, Cloeren Incorporated; John Fielder, United Rentals; Dr. Tom Johnson, Lamar State College Orange; Pooja Tripathi, FAME USA

LSCO, Industry Partners Announce Creation of Golden Triangle Fame Chapter

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Lamar State College Orange and local industry partners announced a partnership today to create a chapter of the national Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education Program (FAME). The Golden Triangle FAME Chapter will allow students to achieve specialized education in the skills needed for rapidly evolving industry positions while earning two-year associate degrees with potentially zero student-loan debt. Students supported by Core Member industry partners will simultaneously undergo on-the-job training. The chapter is only the fourth FAME Chapter in Texas.

The founding industry partners include:

  • International Paper (Core Member)
  • Cloeren Incorporated (Core Member)
  • ISS/Buna Electric Motor Service (Core Member)
  • Chevron Phillips Chemical Company (Associate Member)
  • Dow Sabine River Operations (Associate Member)
  • United Rentals (Supporting Member)
  • Lamar State College Orange (Supporting Member)
  • Orange County Economic Development Corporation (Supporting Member)
  • Workforce Solutions Southeast Texas (Supporting Member)

Core Members include employers of technical talent who intend to sponsor students in LSCO’s Electromechanical Technology Program and upcoming FAME cohort. Supporting Members include any public or private sector organization which provides critical support to Core Member companies in utilizing and gaining the greatest beneficial impact from the program. Associate Members include members who have an interest in membership and/or who bring value to the chapter. Employers who will actively sponsor students through the program starting in Fall 2023 include International Paper, Cloeren Incorporated, ISS/Buna Electric Motor Service, and United Rentals.

“Billions are forecasted to be invested in Southeast Texas in the coming years in industry projects, and the creation of this FAME Chapter with our partners in the industry is another example of how we are attempting to meet the immense needs for skilled, ready-to-work employees in a Talent Strong Texas,” said LSCO President Dr. Tom Johnson.

FAME was created by Toyota and then moved to the Manufacturing Institute, part of the National Association of Manufacturers, to scale the program nationally in 2019. FAME USA now has 38 chapters supported by more than 400 company partners across 14 states. More than 1,500 students have graduated from the program nationally since 2012. The Fall 2022 graduating class was the largest ever.

“It’s been an honor working with this dedicated group to bring FAME to Southeast Texas. FAME will be an incredible asset to our region as it helps to build a locally skilled workforce pipeline in an effort to retain our homegrown talent,” said Stacey Nichols, Golden Triangle FAME board president and Global Manufacturing Training Coordinator for International Paper, who has been working for over a year to bring the program to the area.

“I am excited to see this great group of employers coming together with Lamar State College Orange to create the newest chapter in the growing TX FAME network! With an energetic group of employers and a supportive college working in close collaboration, the new TX FAME – Golden Triangle Chapter is poised to positively change the lives of participants while filling critical talent shortages. This program will make the area stronger economically while also building a lifelong foundation for success for every single student who participates. We appreciate the great local partners and look forward to supporting your continued growth,” said Tony Davis, National Director of FAME USA.

Recruitment is underway for industry partners and for students who will begin classes in Fall 2023. Students can submit an application by May 30, 2023. here. Industry partners who may be interested in joining the Golden Triangle FAME Chapter can contact Stacey Nichols (stacey.nichols@ipaper.com).

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