Local Author Reveals How Local Business Owners Can Transform Their Businesses with the Most Powerful Marketing Tool in the World

Local Author Reveals How Local Business Owners Can Transform Their Businesses with the Most Powerful Marketing Tool in the World

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On a recent episode of The My Future Business Show with host Rick Nuske, Orange, Texas author Donna Gunter, Business Fame Maker, discussed how local business owners can transform their businesses with the most powerful marketing tool in the world while increasing their reach, revenue, and reputation with their own published book.

According to Gunter, a key ingredient in successful marketing for small business owners is to stand out in the crowd. She added, “Say you’re in a small town of 30,000 and there are 20 dentists there. You happen to write a book about teeth whitening for brides who want to feel incredibly confident in their wedding photos. I can assure you that the other 19 dentists who are your competitors do not have a book. The prospects who are in that target market will look at you as the expert, because after all, you wrote a book on the subject.  Why wouldn’t you want to be treated by the area expert?”

When host Rick Nuske asked how small-to-medium size business owners would have time to write a book in addition to all of their other responsibilities, Gunter answered, “I work with clients in a way that enables them not to have to write a single, solitary word. As a part of the consultation I do with them, we refine a topic of their a one-problem, one-solution book. After I create a series interview questions around that topic, I interview them for about sixty minutes and take the transcription and edit that into a 50-to-70-page book and then take that book through the publishing process.”

During the interview, Gunter shared how a book can take the place of your sales process, explaining, “A book becomes a unique way to demonstrate your expertise without having to talk to a lot of people in sales conversations. It lets you become an educator and advocate for your prospects by sharing what you know. I discovered this early in my own business when I published ‘how to’ content on marketing that was distributed to various sites online. People would consume that content and then would come to me ready to hire me. I didn’t have to convince them to work with me.”

Gunter added, “It was such a privilege and an enjoyable experience to be a guest on Rick’s podcast. Rick has an innate ability to get to the heart of a matter quickly, asking the perfect questions to help his guests easily share their expertise with his audience.”

Watch the full interview below.

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