Lions Den Park Conditions Reviewed

Lions Den Park Conditions Reviewed

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The Orange City Council, city staff, and over forty members of the public participated in a public workshop to discuss the future of Lions Den Park on Tuesday, March 3 in the Orange Library Auditorium. City Manager Mike Kunst presented to those in attendance a review of the current situation at the park, which is now closed to the public due to safety concerns. A recent safety inspection of the wooden castle found it unsafe for continued use.

During the hour-long meeting, Kunst displayed pictures and graphics of playground options that could replace the twenty-year-old wooden castle. After the presentation, several members of the public offered their thoughts, concerns, and opinions on the future of the Lion’s Den Park playground. While the council took no action at the meeting, they did agree to revisit options for playground equipment and designs during the City Council meeting of Tuesday, March 24 which starts at 5:30 pm.

The Orange City Council welcomes the Citizens of Orange to offer their thoughts on the playground during the Citizen Comments section of either council meeting on March 10 or March 24. Also, citizens may provide their feedback via email at

The Lion’s Den playground will remain closed until further notice.

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