Input From Vidor Residents Needed for Grant

Input From Vidor Residents Needed for Grant

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During the Thursday night Vidor City Council meeting, the need for completed surveys to help the city get a $25 million grant to improve drainage was brought forward as a pressing issue. The required 80 percent of citizens has not yet been reached.

If you reside in Vidor and haven’t completed this survey, please take five minutes of your time to help the city acquire a $25 million grant to prevent local houses from flooding.

Critieria for completion:

  • Resident of City of Vidor
  • You do NOT have to have flooded to complete the survey.
  • You DO have to complete all the questions on the survey including ethnicity and income.
  • The is a federal grant, so low income and minority population plays a role in the process.

City Council member Misty Songe Garrett said she has forms available at her office (Comtex Wireless on North Main).

The survey is also available on the City of Vidor website here. That version allows you to simply check a range of numbers to indicate income.

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