I-10 Reconstruction Announced for Orange County

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In an effort to facilitate ongoing improvements and enhance road safety, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has announced a significant temporary closure along Interstate 10 that will affect many drivers in the region. As part of a broader initiative to reconstruct and widen the main lanes of the interstate, a key eastbound entrance ramp just east of Texas 87 will be shuttered starting April 1, 2024, with plans to reopen later in the summer.

TxDOT officials have laid out alternative routes for travelers affected by the closure. Motorists journeying northbound on 87 from Orange aiming to access I-10 eastbound will be rerouted via a well-marked detour. This detour involves using the I-10 westbound frontage road, executing a turnaround west of Texas 87, and then merging onto the I-10 entrance ramp. Similarly, those heading southbound on 87 from Mauriceville with the intention of joining I-10 eastbound will follow an identical detour path.

Furthermore, drivers already on the I-10 eastbound frontage road will be directed to continue eastward to Simmons Drive, where they’ll be able to execute a turnaround. Subsequently, they will proceed westbound on the frontage road to the turnaround west of 87, enabling access to the entrance ramp onto I-10.

TxDOT’s Public Information Officer, Tanya Avila, emphasized that this temporary closure is a critical component of the department’s Main Lane Reconstruction and Widening Project. The project aims to enhance the infrastructure and safety of one of the state’s busiest highways, ensuring it can accommodate the growing volume of traffic and improve overall travel conditions for all road users.

Motorists are advised to plan their routes in advance and allow extra time for travel due to potential delays resulting from the detours. TxDOT assures the public that these temporary inconveniences are in service of long-term improvements that will benefit the community by providing a safer and more efficient transportation network.

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