Home-Based Business Stipulations Outlined for City of Orange

Home-Based Business Stipulations Outlined for City of Orange

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The City of Orange recognizes that home-based businesses are becoming a more common method of working. Home-based businesses help alleviate traffic, help decrease the cost of doing business, allow people to work who might otherwise be unable to work, and are appropriate within residential areas, subject to certain provisions which are established to maintain the character and property values of existing residential areas. A home-based business must be approved by the Director of Planning and Community Development and must meet each of the following requirements:

• The home occupation shall be within the principal residence or a permitted accessory building;
• The home occupation shall not occupy more than 50 percent of the gross floor area of the principal residence;
• There shall be no exterior indication (including signs and banners) that the home occupation is taking place;
• There shall be no employees for the home occupation other than immediate members of the family, such as mother, father, sister, brother, son or daughter;
• There shall be no traffic generated by the home occupation other than that normally associated with residential use; and
• There shall be no use of equipment or process carried on that would create a nuisance to the neighboring properties.

If you are thinking of starting a home-based business, please call the Planning and Community Development Department at 409-883-1034 and they will be happy to discuss your business with you and let you know if you qualify for a home-based business.

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