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Lutcher Theater is presenting Freedom Riders, Tuesday, January 25, 2022, with performances at 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. Freedom Riders, a new play with original songs and music, explores the valiant and courageous personalities behind one of the most critical chapters in the history of the U.S. Civil Rights movement. The unforgettable heroes, and the facts behind the events portrayed in Freedom Riders, are essential to a full understanding of the Civil Rights era and American history.

Set in 1961, fifteen years after the United States Supreme Court had outlawed segregation, bus lines and cities throughout the South still enforced a rigid system of separating black and white citizens. The Freedom Riders, both black and white Americans, from the North and the South, decided to travel together on buses that crossed state lines despite the hateful segregation and racism that had a stronghold in so many parts of the United States. Freedom Riders demonstrates the importance of working together to affect change and specifically how non-violent protests were used to focus attention on the cruelties of segregation.

Tickets for groups of 10 or more are $5.00 each, ideal for school field trips and homeschool groups. Individual tickets are $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for children. Freedom Riders is part of Lutcher Incredible Kids Events, but patrons of all ages are invited to experience the story of the Freedom Riders. Call the Box Office at (409) 886-5535 for more information or to purchase tickets.

Lutcher Incredible Kids Events create “Page to Stage” experiences for thousands of students and educators throughout Southeast Texas & Southwest Louisiana. Lutcher Theater performances prompt students to explore world cultures, make connections with important works of literature and discover a variety of performing art forms.

Lutcher Theater welcomes back to Orange, TX the artists of Mad River Theater Works who seek out subjects that reflect the rich diversity of our common heritage and make shows that combine the rhythms and folkways of everyday life with tales about extraordinary individuals. The resulting body of work is a vivid tapestry that weaves together live music, storytelling, and drama, exploring the grit and humanity of characters from the past.

Educators and parents are encouraged to make plans to enjoy the Lutcher Incredible Kids Events Spring 2022 Season! Visit Lutcher.org for show dates, descriptions, and study guides. The Lutcher Incredible Kid’s Events series is generously underwritten by INVISTA, Gopher Industrial, Inc., Lutcher Theater Service Guild, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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