Golden Chick Opens for Business July 6

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Golden Chick has opened in Orange at 1716 N. 16th St.i n Orange. Their hours of operation are 10 AM – 10 PM 7 days a week.

Home of The Original Golden Tenders, Golden Chick is a fast-food restaurant chain offering Golden Fried or roast chicken, fried catfish, sandwiches, fresh salads, yeast rolls, and a variety of sides.

The Golden Chick Story began in Central Texas in the late 1960s when the concept was created by a former employee of a chicken franchise who believed there had to be a better way to run a franchise system. The delicious chicken, created by the development of secret marination and batter mixes, attracted franchise inquires, and by the time the founder sold the chain in 1982, it had grown to 39 restaurants.

In March 1989, Golden Fried Chicken was purchased by an investment group whose involvement was strongly supported by the Golden Fried Chicken franchise community. Since then, the chain has experienced steady growth with new restaurants opening throughout the region, bringing the chain-wide total to over 150 stores.

In September 1993, the company introduced exciting new enhancements to the Golden Fried Chicken menu as well as the restaurant appearance and thus was born Golden Chick, a concept positioned to propel the Golden chain into the future. As of 1996, all new stores were called Golden Chick.

For more information, visit their Facebook page or their website.

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