COVID-19 Regional Call Center Open

COVID-19 Regional Call Center Opens

in Coronavirus Updates/Local Roundup
The COVID-19 Regional Call Center is open to take calls from people who have symptoms of the disease. This center serves Jefferson, Orange, Hardin, Jasper, and Newton Counties. Individuals who meet testing criteria will be sent to a mobile testing site.
 If a person has the symptoms, they will be directed to a testing site. Orange does not currently have a testing site. People who call the hotline and have the symptoms will be given a number and a time to go to one of two testing centers. According to Orange County Judge John Gothia, the addresses of the testing centers will not be made public because they are set up only for the people who need them. The tests are taken by swabs and sent off to laboratories, with results available in about  48 hours. The testing will be conducted as a drive-through test. After a person gets a test, they will be asked to self-quarantine until the results come back.

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