Cove Playground Plans Announced

in Government

City of Orange Grants Planner Rita Monson presented the information on the Cove Recreational Area, which is being developed on the land where the Cove School once was.

This new park is funded by the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), Dow Chemical Plant, and Chevron Phillips.CDBG provides grants in order to serve low-income areas around the city.

The entire project costs about $426,264, of which all but $17,234 will be paid by grants or donations.

The playground will include a children’s village, playscape, pavilion, informational kiosk, and a quarter-mile walking trail, according to the release.

The Dow Chemical Plant provided grants that helped fund the kiosk, sidewalks, and butterfly benches. There is a walking trail that is also being considered.

Chevron Phillips helped provide the five benches that are made out of recycled material.

Monson says Saxon Bechnel & Sons also plan on donating four orange trees to put on the property.

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