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County Tax Rate to Remain Same

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According to KOGT radio, the Orange County Commissioners voted to keep the county tax rate the same for the coming year. The current tax rate of $0.542 per $100 value was approved as the proposed tax rate by a majority vote of the Commissioners Court, with the lone dissenting vote coming from Precinct 2 Commissioner Theresa Beauchamp, who favored a slight increase in the tax rate.

Despite the fact that increased taxes may mean better services for Orange County residents, I’m glad to see the tax rate remain unchanged. Too many of our residents and businesses are still recovering from Hurricane Harvey in 2017 to be burdened with yet another financial setback. Let’s continue to give Orange County residents at least another year’s respite from tax increases. Residents will have the opportunity to give feedback to the Commissioner Court in two public hearings later this month to get input on the proposed tax rate.

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