City of Vidor Awarded Grants to Mitigate Hurricane Harvey Damage

City of Vidor Awarded Grants to Mitigate Hurricane Harvey Damage

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In August 2018, the remnants of Hurricane Harvey impacted the City of Vidor as a tropical storm, delivering approximately 50 inches of rain and causing millions of dollars of damage to our area. Since then, the City of Vidor has been working diligently to secure federal funding in the form of grants to pay for projects to help address the numerous drainage, flooding, and emergency service issues that resulted from that event. The City has also secured grant dollars for projects to help prevent impacts from future events. To date, the City has successfully obtained approximately $9.95 million dollars in funding and is also applying for an additional $15.9 million that will hopefully be awarded to the City this spring. Below is a summary of the grants, and their associated projects, that have been awarded to the City along with grant applications that are pending.

The City would like to thank our staff, grant professionals, and engineers who have worked to develop information and compile the many grant applications. A special thanks to Cpt. Aleta Cappen, Vidor Emergency Management Coordinator, who has worked for many years to identify grant opportunities and has helped process many successful grant applications and managed grant projects to the benefit of the citizens of Vidor. Also, a special thanks to Cheryl Ray, the City’s Financial Director for her efforts in keeping the grant paperwork straight and working through various agencies to ensure grant payments are made for the various projects.

The City also sincerely thanks all of the staff and elected officials who worked hard standing outside Walmart and going door to door to obtain household income information which was absolutely critical to obtain favorable points for the current $15.9 million grant application. We also deeply appreciate all of the citizens who provided the needed household information. The information will be invaluable in upcoming future grant opportunities for years to come.

Awarded Grants

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) – Disaster Recovery (DR) – $5.65 Million
Scheduled to be completed Summer 2022

  • Damaged culvert replacement on Tiger Creek Lateral at Texas and Pine
  • Hydrologic and Hydraulic Study of Anderson Gully
  • Archie Street road and drainage upgrades
  • Drainage System repairs and upgrades on the south side of Elgie Street west of Maple
  • Minor Ditch Repairs on Aery Street west of Hwy 12
  • Demolition of Hurricane Harvey abandoned damaged residential structures – various locations

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) – Disaster Recovery (DR) – Buyout Program $2.57 Million
Proposed to be completed Summer 2022

  • Purchase and demolition of approximately 20 repetitive loss or substantially damaged
    residential properties – various locations

DR – Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) – $1.89 Million
Scheduled to be completed winter 2024

  • Upgrade existing culvert crossing on OST at School House Ditch to a bridge crossing

General Land Office – Mitigation (GLO-MIT) HMGP Supplemental – $2.13 Million
Scheduled to be completed winter 2024

  • Upgrade erosion prevention at Alamo Street and School House Ditch
  • Detention pond north of Hwy 12 on Terry Gully

FEMA – Project Assistance – $272,354.81
Projects Completed

  • Repair flood-damaged road surfaces on Oakland, Lakeside, and Oakland Streets

Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) – $12,670.40
Projects Completed

  • Repair of flood damage to culvert crossings on Orange and Dewitt Streets

Pending Grant Applications

CDBG – MIT – $15.9 Million

  • Proposed detention ponds on Anderson Gully and School House Ditch
  • Orange Street drainage upgrades from Woodland to Hwy 105
  • Upgrade of Tiger Creek culvert at Ferndale
  • Upgrade of Lyndale Street Drainage System
  • Heritage subdivision drainage system improvements and outfall ditch upgrades
  • Lamar Street East Drainage System upgrade
  • Lateral 5 Crossing at Orange Street – Study and Upgrade
  • Lexington and Concord Street Drainage Improvements

DR 4466 HMGP – $747,810.00

  • Generators – Various Locations

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