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City of Orange Restricts Number of Cats and Dogs in Household

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In a move to promote responsible pet ownership and reduce the number of strays on the streets, the City of Orange has introduced a new pet ordinance that restricts the number of cats and dogs residents can keep within their homes. Approved by council members on March 12, 2024, the regulation now caps the allowable number of pets at five cats or dogs per household.

The ordinance comes as a response to growing concerns among the community about the welfare of animals and the nuisance caused by excessive pet numbers. Mayor Pro-Tem Paul Burch emphasized the ordinance’s role in holding pet owners accountable. “The chambers were full of constituents with complaints about dogs that are not being cared for,” he remarked, highlighting instances where residents had up to 15 dogs that were neglected.

Noise disturbance, especially to shift workers, was another critical factor influencing the council’s decision. Burch explained, “When they were causing problems for our shift workers, one dog starts barking, 10, 12, 15 dogs start barking. Then if you have a pet, your dog gets to barking.”

The enforcement of the ordinance will fall under the purview of Orange Animal Control, which aims to adopt a cooperative approach with pet owners to ensure compliance. Burch assured that the enforcement strategy would prioritize collaboration over confrontation, stating, “They’re not gonna be knocking on doors saying how many do you have, they’re really going to work with people to find places for them to go.”

Andy Borel, the Supervisor of Animal Shelter Operations for Orange, expressed his support for the ordinance, noting its benefits for both animal and human safety. “It makes it easier and safer for rescuers. The less numbers you have to rescue, the easier it is to move people around in disaster situations,” Borel mentioned. However, he also acknowledged the potential strain on animal shelters, anticipating an increase in surrenders from owners unable to comply with the new limits.

Residents exceeding the pet limit are encouraged to contact Orange Animal Control for assistance in rehoming their animals, ensuring a smooth transition for both pets and owners under the new ordinance.

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