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Southeast Texas to Receive $72.4 M For Drainage Improvement

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Southeast Texas is set to receive a substantial financial boost for infrastructure improvements, with over $70 million earmarked for enhancing drainage systems. This allocation is part of a larger package totaling $122,100,689 in regional mitigation funds, as announced by the Texas General Land Office. Under the guidance of Texas Land Commissioner Dawn Buckingham, the funds aim to significantly upgrade streets, drainage, and sewer systems across ten counties in the state.

In a major move towards bolstering local infrastructure, Jefferson and Orange Counties are slated to receive nearly $72.4 million. This generous funding will support a variety of critical projects designed to mitigate flooding and improve water management.

A significant portion of this investment, $31,091,100 million, will be directed towards the Orange County Drainage District. This funding will facilitate the construction of a detention pond at Tiger Creek, targeting the enhancement of drainage capabilities in the area’s northern reaches. The comprehensive project plan includes the creation of a detention pond, embankment excavation, site grading, and clearing, laying the groundwork for substantial improvements in local water management and flood prevention.

City of Orange Rescinds Drought Restrictions

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The City of Orange has rescinded Drought Contingency Plan Water Restrictions Stage 1 to normal operating conditions.

The public water system has taken the necessary corrective actions to make full water capacity available for five (5) consecutive days to restore the water availability by this public water system used for drinking water or human consumption purposes and reduce restrictions to normal operating conditions as of February 1, 2024.

To read the Drought Contingency Plan in its entirety, visit their website here.

Orange County Commissioners Greenlight Shadee RV Park Amid Rising Demand

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In a unanimous decision, the Orange County Commissioners Court gave its nod of approval on Tuesday, January 23, 2024, for the development of Shadee RV Park, situated along Texas Highway 62, just south of Interstate 10. This marks a significant milestone as Shadee RV becomes the first park to be sanctioned under the county’s newly established regulations.

The surge in construction activities in the region, driven by the establishment and expansion of industrial plants, has spurred the rapid growth of RV parks throughout the county. In response to this trend, the Commissioners Court implemented additional rules last year to ensure that RV parks in unincorporated areas adhere to local standards.

Joel Ardoin, the Director of County Environmental Health and Code Compliance, addressed the court, affirming that the new RV park had successfully met the stringent regulations set forth by his department, the county’s Road and Bridge Department, and the Orange County Drainage District. With the court’s seal of approval, the developers are now poised to secure a county permit for their project.

It’s worth noting that Shadee RV Park will exclusively cater to RVs, as mobile homes will not be permitted within its premises. The decision reflects the county’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of its zoning regulations and ensuring that all developments align with the community’s evolving needs.

Orange Fire Dept. Recognizes First Year Firefighers

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Pictured L to R: Mayor Larry Spears Jr., Ricardo Martinez, Samantha Murphy, Sean Gray, and Chief Bilbo

The City of Orange and the Orange Fire Department would like to congratulate our dedicated firefighters on reaching the one-year milestone in their firefighting careers.

Mayor Spears and Chief Bilbo recently honored these firefighters at a city council meeting, recognizing their hard work and commitment throughout their rookie year. They endured extensive training tailored to the Orange Fire Department and the City of Orange, covering everything from rules and regulations and standard operating procedures to mastering the locations of streets and addresses and over 800 fire hydrants across the city. These individuals underwent extensive physical and technical training, ensuring they have the skills and abilities to handle even the most demanding fire and EMS incidents effectively. After successfully completing their one-year probationary period, Chief Bilbo presented them with badges for their helmets, signifying their official position as firefighters for the City of Orange Fire Department.

Pictured L to R: Mayor Larry Spears Jr., Ricardo Martinez, Samantha Murphy, Sean Gray, and Chief Bilbo

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