27th Annual Community Trash-Off Date Set

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It’s Trash-Off time once again! The 27th annual Community Trash-Off is scheduled for Saturday, February 26, 2022, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at the City of Orange Boat Ramp, located on Simmons Drive in Orange, Texas. This year’s Community Trash-Off is presented by INVISTA and hosted by Shangri La Botanical Gardens and Nature Center in collaboration with the City of Orange.

Orange County residents are encouraged to take pride in the community and help clean up trash from area neighborhoods and waterways. Join us for a morning of good CLEAN fun!

Register here.  If you are registering more than 5 group members, please contact Amara Townsend at 409-670-9113.

Any individual, group, or business interested in registering a team should complete the registration form. Every individual who is participating MUST sign a waiver. If the Participant is a minor, a parent, guardian, or adult responsible for a minor Participant (“Representative Adult”) must sign a waiver for them. Volunteers of all ages are encouraged, but please note that groups must have a minimum ratio of 1 adult to 4 children (ages 18 and younger). If you have any questions, please contact Amara Townsend at 409-670-9113.

Teams have the option to choose their clean-up location. If teams do not have a preferred area, one will be assigned based on need. Locations will be designated on a first-come, first-served basis. Please consider alternate locations, should your first choice already be taken. Teams are encouraged to register early. Teams are asked to please focus clean-up efforts in Orange, West Orange, or Pinehurst.

If participants are able to transport their own collected litter to the dumpster at the City of Orange Boat Ramp, they do so. Litter pick-up will be available to those who need assistance.


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