Kayak Bass Angler Jason Willis Shares Joys of Fishing from a Kayak

Kayak Bass Angler Jason Willis Shares Joys of Fishing from a Kayak

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Jason Willis is the CEO and Founder of a new business, Kayak Angler Solutions and will be up and running with that business later this year. He is a professional FLW and KBF Kayak Angler and is ProStaff at Impulse Fishing Rods, Daiwa, 6th Sense Fishing, Tourneytag, Red Alert Lures, Bayou Bug Jigs, and Cajun Lures.

Jason is an outstanding fisherman who enjoys both tournament and recreational kayak bass fishing. He started fishing in KBF (Kayak Bass Fishing) events in 2016 with their online challenge tournaments and attended his first tournament in October 2016 which was the one on Toledo Bend. He talks to us about his perspective and approach to kayak bass fishing.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JasonDWillis.KBFAngler/ and

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